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08.02.2013   Russian National Team Defeated by the Netherlands

The second match of the World League 2013 preliminary round was played by the Russian national team in Kirishi. In the hard struggle the Mikhail Nakoryakov’ team yielded to the national team of the Netherlands – 4:6.

Before the game start the head coach of the Dutch players Mauro Maugeri said that this time the Dutch national team which is being formed for participation in Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and takes part in this World League is very young. Only one player from generation of Olympic champions in Beijing 2008 stayed with the team. This is the main water polo star of the Country of Tulips, Iefke van Belkum. Well, even more interesting was the coming competition between this new Dutch national team and the renewed Russian national team which is also strategically oriented to the Olympics in Rio. In our case, however, changes in national team were connected not only with rejuvenating process of the team but also with returning of the most experienced players to it – goalkeeper Marina Akobia or Veronika Troshkina. Both of them took part in the game with the national team of the Netherlands.

At the first minutes of the match the Dutch players took the initiative having scored three not very much complicated goals into Marina Aktobia’s goal. The Russian national team, on the other hand, did not play successfully enough in offence. Even with the extra player our water polo players were not able to push the matter to the shot from convenient position. As a result the first quarter ended with the lead of the Dutch team – 3:1. As it turned out later this overbalance proved to be determining in the end. Afterwards the Russian national team managed to reduce the gap in the score to its minimum three times but it was never able to overhaul the rivals – each scored goal was given too hard to it.

The last quarter the teams started with 6:4 score in favor of the Dutch national team. Right at its beginning Olga Belayeva did not use the excellent chance to reduce the gap in the score for her team to the minimum once again. Her one-to-one fight against the rival’s goalkeeper ended with the goal’s post shot and it became clear that in the Water Sports Center Neftyanik’s pool this day was apparently not our day. And so it was. The spectators did not see any scored goals this evening.

- 27 shots and just 4 scored goals – these numbers tell the story best, the head coach of the Russian national team Mikhail Nakoryakov summarized. The team proved not to be prepared to the match, first of all mentally. But I am sure that the present Dutch national team is the rival we can compete with and can defeat even being on a visit.

- Might this unfortunate match cause any changes in the national team?
- Definitely