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21.04.2018   ORIZZONTE is at the third place

In the game for the third place of women water polo Euro League within the Final Four that is taking place in Kirishi the Italian club ORIZZONTE overcame the Hungarian UVSE in a series of penalties. 

The beginning of the game developed extremely unsuccessfully for the Hungarian team that managed to score the first goal only in the second period with the score 0:3. However gradually UVSE intercepted an initiative and was close to victory, leading in the score in the last minute of the game. However the goal of Arianna Garibotti, ORIZZONTE’s team who playing the majority in 34 seconds prior to a siren, turned the game to a penalty series. UVSE was also close to a victory - there was only one exact throw; however the captain of the Hungarian team Dora Csabai hit the post. And throughout a series Italians were more precisely, and the decisive penalty was scored by the same Arianna Garibotti.     

Marton BENCZUR, head coach of UVSE:
- I congratulate Orizzonte with a victory. For us this is very disappointing loss. We and Italian team - about the same level. Today everything, in fact, appeared in our hands, but we missed the chances. At first in the main time, then in penalty series. And from it the 4th place is even more offensive. 

Tanya di MARIO, coach of ORIZZONTE:
- For us this game was worth the final. Especially as we met very serious rival. Both of us had absolutely equal chances. Yes, a penalty series it is a lottery, and for us it was luckier.

UVSE (Hungary) – ORIZZONTE (Italy) – 10:11 (0:3, 3:0, 1:2, 2:1, 4:5)
UVSE: Gangl, Mucsy, Pap, Parkes, Szucs (1+1), Keszthelyi (1+1), Gyarfas, Sevenich (2+1), Steffens (0+1), Csabai (2), Kiss, Takacs, Maczko.
ORIZZONTE: Johnson, Ioannou, Garibotti (2+2), Bianconi (1+1), Aiello (1), Grillo, Palmieri (1), Marletta (1+1), Van Der Sloot (0+1), Morvillo, Riccioli, Lombardo, Schillaci.