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20.04.2018   The first finalist of Euro League became Sabadell

In the first semifinal game of Euro League Spanish Sabadell won a convincing victory over the Hungarian UVSE – 17:8.

The Spanish team opened the score in  25 second from the beginning( Judith Forca), and this episode became a peculiar keynote of the game as Forca has held a magnificent game, having thrown as a result five goals. Nevertheless, tension of the game was supported up to the middle of the second period when there was still was draw - 5:5. However then several successful attacks of Spanish team with several "rescue" of the goalkeeper of SABADELL Laura Ester allowed water polo players to break away and ensure comfortable advantage. Already by the end of the third period with the score difference in 5 goals in favor of SABADELL the outcome of the game was actually determined. As a part of Spanish team, besides Judith Forca, also Beatriz Ortiz showed an excellent game – she threw also five goals.  

Marton Benczur, head coach of UVSE: 

- Decisive part was the second quarter. For the last few years SABADELL won this tournament four times. So essentially everything is natural. But I don't pay attention to the score. Whatever were figures on a board, the victory is a victory, and defeat – defeat. We prepare for a game for the 3rd place – it is very important for us too.

David Palma, head coach of SABADELL: 

- We well played in defending, especially in the second half of the game. And now we are very happy that have reached the final. With what team it is better to meet there?  ORIZZONTE - the most titled club of Europe, and KINEF - the acting owner of a trophy. So it won’t be easy with any of rivals.           

Kiley Susan Neushul, SABADELL player:

-The beginning of the game was rather slow, but then we managed to increase the pace and to keep it till the end. We are ready to the final, especially all tournament lasts for a year and we got enough experience.

Astralpool CN SABADELL (Spain) - UVSE (Hungary) – 17:8 (4:4, 5:2, 3:1, 5:1)

Sabadell: Ester L, M. Ortiz, Espar A, Ortiz B. (5), G. Farre (1), Laiton P., Cordobes M., Garcia M.(1), Peña (1), Neushul (1), Domenech (1), Forca (5), Farre A.  

UVSE: Gangl, Mucsy, Pap, Parkes (1), Szucs, Keszthelyi (2), Gyarfas, Sevenich, Steffens (4), Csabai (1), Kiss, Takacs, Maczko.