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28.04.2017   "KINEF-SURGUTNEFTEGAS" - the first finalist of Euroleague

In the first semifinal game of Euroleague "KINEF-Surgutneftegas" won a confident victory over the Spanish "Mataró"-11:8.

From its beginning the meeting was dictated by Kirishi team, who carried out the first three attacks and led to a 3:0 in the 3rd minute. Then, the players of "Mataró" was able to throw two in a row, but by the end of the first quarter the hosting team restored its advantage to three goals. Further, "KINEF-Surgutneftegas" continued to monitor the game in a confident way, bringing its advantage to six goals during the third quarter. One of the key moments of the game occurred three minutes before the end of the third period, when with the account 11:6 in favor of her team, Nadezhda Glyzina was unable to implement the penalty. After this episode, the hosting team lost the attacking game, and until the final siren, they could no longer throw a single ball. But in the defense "KINEF-Surgutneftegas" was still confident, and the great game of the hosting goalkeeper Anna Karnaukh allowed her team to avoid a nervous ending without thrown balls.

Alexander Kabanov, head coach of "KINEF -Surgutneftegas":

We didn't expect such a hard game from "Mataro" as the Spanish players showed today. This may be due to the fact that our opponents immediately appeared behind the score, and they had no other choice. How can I estimate playing of the goalkeeper Anna Karnaukh today? She played fine. It's a regular game level for her.

Pau Cardenal, a coach of "Mataro": 

From the outside, it might seem like we're playing hard. But we had to do something about Kinef. But I think we've been playing much harder than we did. But it was difficult to compete with the Russian team in any case.   

"KINEF - Surgutneftegas" - "Mataro" - 11:8 (5:2, 4:2, 2:3, 0:1)

Goals: "KINEF-Surgutneftegas" - Prokofyeva (4), Zubkova (2), Glyzina (2). Kurochkina, Krimer, Kirilcheva; Mataró-Meseguer (3), Dance (2). Lopez (2), Bach.