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A press conference was held in Kirishi for  the opening Final Four of women's water polo Euroleague-2016/17, which was attended by the representatives of the Committee tournament, LEN, as well as the head coaches and captains of the four teams participating in the tournament.


-We are pleased to welcome again this tournament in Kirishi, said Vadim Somov, the President of tournament committee, CEO of LLC "KINEF", reminding that the Final Four is taking place in Kirishi for the fourth time. "The bronze medals of the women's national team won at the Olympics in Rio gave a rise to the development of this sport." Interest in water polo is growing, and we feel it - this year we opened the seventh sport class in our youth sport school. Unfortunately, not everything is fine in respect of development of the water polo in Russia in whole. The national team is progressing with speeds lower than desired.  It is not everything well with a domestic calendar. For example, the Russian Cup final starts in Khanty Mansiysk on May 1st. Meaning, one day after the Euroleague Final Four. "We even unwittingly think if to send our team to the Cup in this situation," he said.

Marco Birri, the representative of LEN, described the specifics of the current tournament - in particular that the contract is signed for the transmission of a direct television signal from the "Final Four" games through the Eurovision channel. During the tournament days, broadcasting from Kirishi will be guided by the Spanish television company TV3-Catalonia and the TV channel from Greece. 

Alexander Kabanov, the head coach of "KINEF-Surgutneftegas", commenting on the lot which chose "Mataró" as an opposition to the hosting team, said: "If there was the fifth team in the tournament, we could speak of good or bad lot." "But here, four very strong teams participate, each of which is challenging."

Florin Bonca, head coach of "Mataro", noted that for his team it would be a debut at such a level, as "Mataro" went to the final Final Four of main European cup for the first time. "We face the strongest teams in Europe, it will be very difficult, and we understand it, but we will fight," he said.

Charis Pavlidis, the head coach of Greek Olympiacos, noted that within last month before the tournament his team experienced serious problems with injuries of leading players.  "However, when we arrived at the Final four, we already forgot about it." We will have a difficult semifinal against Sabadell, the most awarded club of Europe for the recent years. But we remember that we were able to take a victory over this team, he added. We won Euroleague
four times. But each tournament is special. So, of course, we want to win the trophy again, said Ignasi Vidal, a head coach of "Sabadell".